23 Mar 2016

Samoa's creative sector improving intellectual property rights knowledge

4:18 pm on 23 March 2016

A three-day workshop in Samoa aimed at improving knowledge around copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights finishes today.

The meeting in Apia is sponsored by the Samoa government, the European Union, the Pacific Community and the Pacific Islands Forum.

The Pacific Community's Intellectual Property specialist, Pita Niubalavu, said trademarking will help protect products from unauthorised use in domestic and export markets.

He said the creative sector is a diverse group.

"Samoa has a lot of unique cultural products in terms of artefacts, they also have some very unique lines of clothing in terms of their unique print which are only known to Samoa, and they also have a few healthy drinks which they are marketing overseas. There are also some businesses involved in the fashion industry, there are performing artists and there are musicians as well in the room."

He said there are common challenges, including government recognition of the sector and its value to the economy.

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture valued the sector at over 7-point-8-million US dollars in 2013.

Samoan tatau

Samoan tatau Photo: AFP