13 Aug 2018

Classical music to fall asleep to

From Upbeat, 1:27 pm on 13 August 2018

Soon you'll be able to fall asleep to music without needing headphones. The Flexound Humu – a pillow that contains a speaker - not only plays your music, but makes you feel your music.

The pillow  is being described as a “soundstage”, a cross between headphones and speakers. It literally resonates the bass throughout your entire torso, giving you a full body experience.

The pillow lasts for eight hours before being recharged.

What music would you listen to while trying to fall asleep? Here are a few of our picks

Piano Concerto No 21 (2) by Mozart

The dreamlike melody and slow tempo in the opening violin section will put your mind at ease and help you relax. The solo piano enters with that same beautiful, gentle melody with added embellishments that will give you a deep night’s sleep.

Nor earth, nor boundless sea by Max Richter

This piece is part of Max Richter’s album “Sleep”.  When it was released, Richter put on a concert with beds provided and encouraged the audience to fall asleep during the eight hour performance.

Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brilliante by Chopin

The simple melody is quietly introduced with a flowing left hand accompaniment.  The piece is very gentle throughout and will surely create the needed relaxation for a good night’s rest.

Goldberg Variations by J S Bach

Bach composed this work to help Count Keyserlingk sleep.  The Count was always having sleepless nights, so Bach created The Goldberg Variations consisting of an aria and a set of 30 variations to help him and anyone else who craves a decent night's sleep.


Venus, the Bringer of Peace, from The Planets by Holst

Venus is a beautiful homage to the Goddess of love.  The orchestra is very sensitive throughout with calm horn and violin solos. Though most orchestral pieces have changes in pace, this one remains slow and mysterious.