Kathlene Fogarty

Still Light: The Photography of Marti Friedlander

Still Light: The Photography of Marti Friedlander Photo: Marti Friedlander

Art dealer Kathlene Fogarty represents artist Marti Friedlander who has an exhibition at the Wallace Art Centre this summer. Still Light: The Photography of Marti Friedlander includes many of her photographs documenting the changing nature of contemporary post war New Zealand through the protest and woman’s movements. The exhibition runs from December 15 to February 14.

Kathlene Fogarty is a partner in FHE Galleries in Auckland and offers to answer your questions: Everything You Want to Know About the Art World and Were Afraid To Ask. Please email your questions to Upbeat@radionz.co.nz

Mike Stenhouse

Chrischurch Art Gallery re-opening

Chrischurch Art Gallery re-opening Photo: christchurchartgallery.org.nz

Upbeat correspondent Vincent O’Donnell speaks to the Chair of the Christchurch Art Gallery Foundation, Mike Stenhouse, just prior to last Friday’s Gallery re-opening, fours year on from the February 2011 earthquake.

Carol Dumbleton

Pumphouse Theatre

Pumphouse Theatre Photo: Supplied

Carol Dumbleton began Shakespeare in the Park twenty years ago at the Pumphouse Theatre on the shores of Lake Pupuke in Milford. This summer she presents Shakespeare’s Storms : King Lear and The Tempest. Carol talks about growing up in her parents hotel in England and waiting on colourful guests like Agatha Christie: useful character studies for her later career as a theatre director.