16 Feb 2023

Rising young stars of string and piano performance

From Three to Seven, 7:00 pm on 16 February 2023
The Troubadours at the Adam Summer School

The Troubadours (l to r: Vincent Chen, Lauren Jack, Peter Gjelsten, Lucas Baker) Photo: The Troubadours

The 29th Adam Summer School is in full swing – with eight days of intensive chamber music-making for young string players and pianists from around the country, held at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts.

Viola player Lauren Jack is one of four Troubadours, string ‘ambassadors’ who perform free concerts in the local community during the summer school.

She talks with Bryan Crump about what it’s like to take part in the school. It’s a very intense week, both musically and socially.

“One of the biggest aspects is learning to work with other people,” says Lauren, “and you have to do that through the music, in rehearsals and when performing. You have to collaborate with the people in your group, the tutors... and also you have to know yourself and look after yourself.”

“It’s so fantastic - you can feel yourself growing so much in this week.”

The Troubadours (2023) in rehearsal.

The Troubadours at the 2023 Adam Summer School (l to r: Lucas Baker, Peter Gjelsten, Lauren Jack, Vincent Chen) Photo: The Troubadours

Two Finale Concerts are open to the public:
Sunday 19 February, 3pm and 7pm
Nelson Centre for Musical Arts