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CARPENTER: Theme from Halloween
Silva Screen 721288

7:00 Resound

Ten programmes of New Zealand music from the RNZ archives introduced by Kenneth Young

(5) HARRIS: As though there were no God - NZSO/James MacMillan (RNZ)

COWAN: Shadow Hands - John Chen (pno) (RNZ)

MORGAN: ...and yet, not - Catherine Tsao (flute), Charley Davenport (cello) (RNZ)

RITCHIE: Whalesong - Dale Gold (db), NZSO/Pietari Inkinen

8.00 Intrepid Music Project

DSCH Quartet: Emily Bouwhuis, Alex Taylor (vlns), Robert Drage (cello), Andrew Uren (cls), Ben Hoadley (bsn)/Alex MacDonald (vla/dir)

DE CASTRO ROBINSON: Chaos of Delight I; WATSON: Three Bagatelles; HOADLEY: Manaia IV; TAYLOR: quasi concertino (recorded at Kerr Street Artspace, Auckland by RNZ)

PENDERECKI: De Natura Sonoris Nos 1 & 2
Polish Radio National SO/Krzysztof Penderecki
EMI 5 74302

WAXMAN: Creation of the Female Monster, from Bride of Frankenstein
Westminster Philharmonic Orch/Charles Gerhardt
The Definitive Horror Music Collection (album)

TOM WAITS: Knife Chase
Blood Money (album)
ANTI 866292

9:30 Illegal Harmonies

Ten programmes written & presented by Andrew Ford

(6) The Zero Hour

The German critic, Theodor Adorno, famously warned against poetry after Auschwitz. For young composers in the early 1950s it was time to start again, to rethink musical syntax from the ground up, to embrace the mathematical logic of serialism wholeheartedly and to shake off the trappings of neo-classicism. But even as the barricades went up and Pierre Boulez pronounced Schoenberg dead, musical revolutions of another sort were occurring in the United States. 1955 may have been the year of Le marteau sans maître, but it was also the year of Rock Around the Clock.

Music by Igor Stravinsky, Hans Werner Henze, Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Edgard Varèse, Leonard Bernstein, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and the voice of Elvis Presley (ABC Classic FM)

See the ABC website for this programme

11.00 New Music Dreams

TOM WAITS: Blood Money (album)
ANTI 866292

DEMARNIA LLOYD: Over Again, Pull Me In; Rain; Oil of Pettigrain
Set Upon a Curve (album)