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11 December 2021

A weekly forum for contemporary music

Mark Menzies 4:7 - Concert 1, "It's OK to Auscultate"

Contemporary music for violin and viola

Mark Menzies (vln, vla), Ben Hoadley (bsn), Conroy Hu (harpsichord), Reuben de Lautour (electronics)

University of Auckland Music Theatre, Auckland (RNZ)

ADAMS: Hallelujah Junction - Tzenka Dianova (pno), Sarah Watkins (pno) (RNZ UB16)


ENDLESS MOW: Articulated Nose - Endless Mow (Related Articles VA001)

GG MOTHRA: Ladei - GG Mothra (Related Articles VA001)

LUCIER: Music on a Long Thin Wire (excerpt) - Alvin Lucier (piano wire, electronics) (Ellipsis 296369)

ESSL: Xenia Pestova (piano), - Xenia Pestova Bennett (piano), Ed Bennett (live electronic spatialisation) (Private )

PICKARD: Ghost-Train - Nash Ensemble/Martyn Brabbins (BIS 2461)

PICKARD: Three Chicken Studies - (BIS 2461)

YOUNG: Douce Tristesse - Donald Armstrong (vln), New Zealand SO/Kenneth Young (Atoll 502164)

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