14 May 2022

A slice of Woodenhead Reimagined - a remix album inspired by the "Grimm musical fairytale"

From Sound Lounge, 11:30 pm on 14 May 2022

Pōneke-based composer Marc Chesterman has just released Woodenhead Reimagined, an album of remixes by an eclectic collection of New Zealand musicians inspired by the original film soundtrack Marc created in 2003 for Florian Habicht's "Grimm musical fairytale", Woodenhead.

Marc’s evocative songs and lush melodies are an integral and memorable part of what made Woodenhead such an inviting, atmospheric and strange film. And this was a big part of why so many talented New Zealand musicians were drawn to the Woodenhead Reimagined project when Marc put out the call for remix contributors.

There are fourteen tracks in total on the album. And here, Clarissa Dunn introduces three of the remixes by Demarnia Lloyd, Hermione Johnson and Ryan Smith.

Woodenhead poster

Woodenhead poster Photo: Pictures For Anna/Olive Films

Marc says, “I’d had the idea that it could be interesting to ask people to interpret the Woodenhead music due to its simplicity & small number of elements. It seemed to be wide open to interpretation."

“I had no idea what to expect but being sent music inspired by your own music was one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever experienced - certainly a couple of teary moments! I really love what people came up with.”


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