7 Jul 2019

A love affair with brass

From Pick and Mix, 12:00 pm on 7 July 2019

We feature music by early trumpet star Louis Armstrong including a virtuosic solo recording from 1938.  

Louis Armstrong in 1947

Louis Armstrong in 1947 Photo: Louis Armstrong


Romanian brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia have big instruments and big personalities. Their album “Devil’s Tale, made with Canadian jazz guitarist Adrian Raso keeps the spirit of Gypsy music alive.


BonaNZa is New Zealand’s premier trombone quartet; their rearrangements of classic tunes for trombone make them the life and soul of any brass party. 

BonaNZa is NZ’s premier trombone quartet

BonaNZa is NZ’s premier trombone quartet Photo: BonaNZA


Alison Balsom is the face of contemporary British classical trumpet and has made her instrument popular again – like some of the greats before her.  We have selections from her album "Paris', which was recorded in a bar in Paris with the backing of a small orchestra.


The von Trapps are the great grandchildren of the family whose story was told in the film "The Sound of Music". The younger von Trapps and ensemble Pink Martini have an album called "Dream A Little Dream” where they put a modern twist on classic songs. 


Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald were a musical marriage made in heaven, largely thanks to Producer Norman Granz. Their recording 1956 album “Ella And Louis” was such a hit they followed it up straight away with “Ella And Louis Again”; and soon after an LP of orchestrated songs from George and Ira Gershwin’s “Porgy & Bess. We feature some of these famous recordings.   


Music details

HARDIN/RAYE: Struttin’ With Some Barbecue - Louis Armstrong (UNIVERSAL 533607)
RASO: Absinthe Minded Gypsy - Adrian Raso & Fanfare Ciocarlia (ASPHALT 984022)
RASO: C'est La Vie - Adrian Raso & Fanfare Ciocarlia (ASPHALT 984022)
GERSHWIN: I got rhythm - BonaNZa Trombone Quartet (Rata RT 011)
POLLOCK: That's a-plenty - BonaNZa Trombone Quartet (Rata RT 011)
GERSHWIN: 3 Preludes - Michael Tilson Thomas (CBS 442516)
LEGRAND: La valse des lilas - Alison Balsom & Guy Barker Orch (Warner 2564 632789)
RAVEL: Piece in the form of a Habanera - Alison Balsom & Guy Barker Orch (Warner 2564 632789)
ANDRE/SCHWANDT: Dream a little dream - Pink Martini & the von Trapps (Heinz Records HNZ014)
GERALD: Le premier bonheur du jour - Melanie von Trapp and Pink Martini (Heinz Records HNZ014)
TRAD/CHISHOLM: Farewell To Uist - Duncan Chisholm (Copperfish CPFCD003)
GERSHWIN: Bess, You Is My Woman Now - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (VERVE 827475)
BERLIN: I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (VERVE 825374)
RASO: Devil’s Tale - Adrian Raso & Fanfare Ciocarlia (ASPHALT 984022)