The Best of RNZ 2014

Highlights from various RNZ programmes in 2014

Some of the best and favourite stories from 2014 - as chosen by the RNZ production teams.

The Best of Saturday Morning

kim hill

Kim Hill and producer Mark Cubey present their top 20 stories from 2014.

The Best of Nine to Noon

kathryn ryan

Kathryn Ryan and the Nine to Noon team present their best stories from 2014.

The Best of Sunday Morning

Photo of Wallace Chapman

Presenter Wallace Chapman and producers Christine Cessford, Zara Potts and Jeremy Rose choose their highlights from Sunday Morning 2014

The Best of This Way Up

Side bar

Simon Morton and producer Richard Scott have selected their best of This Way Up 2014.

Try as we might, we couldn't find any single, neat, unifying thread that ties them all together. But these are the kind of stories we enjoy telling the most; out of the studio, away from fixed microphones, in 'the field' (wherever that 'field' happens to be!).

Our Changing World

North Island robins are the perfect test subject for a study looking at cognition in wild animals. They can be very easily trained to do tasks in return for a food reward, and their nesting success can be easily followed.

The unstoppable science and environment team of Alison Ballance, Ruth Beran and Veronika Meduna will continue to bring you new and best stories each week over summer.

The Best of Country Life

Producer/presenters Cosmo Kentish-Barnes, Susan Murray and Carol Stiles, and presenter Duncan Smith have gathered the "pick of the crop" from Country Life 2014, including snapshots from rural life in Aotearoa.

The Best of Te Ahi Kaa

Maraea and Justine panorama

Maraea Rakuraku and Justine Murray have collected a kete full of ka pai kōrero and images for the best of Te Ahi Kaa 2014.

The Best of Spiritual Outlook

The Spiritual outlook production team reflect on their best stories from 2014.

The Best of One in Five 2014

Carol and Katy panorama

Carol Stiles and Katy Gosset present their favorite stories from One in Five in 2014.


eva radich

Eva Radich and producers Jeremy Brick and Chris Gendall have dedicated the final three Upbeat episodes for 2014 to feature their best music and arts interviews.

The Best of Nights

bryan crump

Bryan Crump's highlights from 2014.

The Best of Afternoons

Photo of Simon Mercep

Simon Mercep and the production team offer their best radio interviews from 2014.

Best of PD Pixabay

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