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Series Classification: G (General Audiences) | Produced by Hybrid Snail Productions


Our Aotearoa is an animated documentary series that speaks to immigrants' personal experiences living in Aotearoa. The series explores themes of racism, discrimination, loss, loneliness, and maintaining cultural ties while living in another country.

This project's purpose is to help open a dialogue for a more diverse representation. Our Aotearoa, then, aims to add to the growing content around the subject of immigration.

The series intends to create awareness around the struggles faced when moving countries and acclimating to a new culture and society. Many may not know or understand the internal and external conflicts people face when integrating into a new society, and how people cope with this transition. Maintaining connections to one's heritage can be one coping mechanism, whether through food, social media, art, music, or finding an accepting community. Through these connections, one may feel a sense of belonging in an environment that might feel unfamiliar.