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Series Classification: PG (Parental Guidance) | Produced for RNZ by Transmit

Season 1: Auckland, London
Season 2: London
Season 3: Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam
Season 4: Amsterdam, London

Presented by RNZ Music and Transmit and made with support from NZ On Air, MARAUDERS invites viewers to roll with the internationally acclaimed band in this absorbing time machine.

MARAUDERS’ real-time linear delivery reveals Freddy's early grit, character, and music-making process during the three-month European sojourn. The hustle and networking established Freddy's as an independent entity in Europe, while, simultaneously, the beat-making and live performances fueled the creative fire that ultimately led to the acclaimed Based on a True Story album.

MARAUDERS spans four seasons with six episodes each, roaming from London, Berlin, and Vienna to Amsterdam. The episodes, all under ten minutes, let viewers dip in and out, or binge-watch the 20th anniversary celebration at their leisure.

Behind the handycam is Sarah Hunter (Transmit), a director and producer based in Wellington. She accompanied Fat Freddy's Drop as a photographer during their 2003 travels, but her documentation took an unexpected turn when she started filming on a borrowed handycam.