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Series Classification: PG (Parental Guidance) | Produced by Vetiver Pictures for RNZ Music and TAHI


Hosted by DJ and music journalist Jess Fu, Amplified spotlights artists who use music to embrace, connect and explore their cultural roots.

Over five episodes Amplified discovers the looping pop of Kōtiro, the joyful Samoan indie rock of LEAO, the experimental hip hop of Phodiso, Samara Alofa’s soulful pop, and the electronic R&B of Imugi 이무기.

Through conversation with Jess we discover how each musician approaches their creative practice, revealing how identity is tied to, and reflected in their music.

Kōtiro, LEAO, Phodiso, Samara Alofa, Imugi 이무기 and Jess all speak to their cultural heritage, showing how it informs their artistic expression and music making.

Each episode of Amplified features a unique live performance, deep diving into the musician’s mind’s eye and showcasing their talent in its truest potential.