20 Dec 2011

Thousands in need of aid in storm-hit Philippines

7:57 am on 20 December 2011

Aid agencies in the Philippines are attempting to provide help to tens of thousands if victims of a tropical storm which devastated communities on Mindanao island.

More than 900 people died in flash floods and destruction from tropical storm Washi that devastated coastal communities on Saturday, a disaster management official said.

The port cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan have borne the brunt of the flooding.

Mass burials were being organised and two concrete communal tombs were being constructed in Iligan.

Disaster agencies are attempting to provide food, water, medicine and body bags, but damaged roads are hampering efforts to reach survivors in remote villages, the BBC reports.

The agencies say 120,000 people are in need. About 40,000 people on Mindanao are living in evacuation centres after losing their homes and possessions.

China and the US are among international donors offering assistance.