10 Apr 2011

Retreating rebels shelled by Gaddafi forces

7:19 am on 10 April 2011

Forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have shelled retreating rebel fighters west of Ajdabiya, as fighting continues in Libya's civil war.

At least 10 explosions were reported on the outskirts of the town as the rebels, who earlier in the day had pushed towards the oil refinery town of Brega, fled.

Ajdabiya is the gateway to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

Dozens of cars and military vehicles were seen pouring east out of Ajdabiya towards Benghazi.

Meanwhile, heavy shelling by pro-government forces has killed at least four people in the city of Misrata.

Also on Saturday, Colonel Gaddafi made his first television appearance in five days.

He received an ecstatic welcome at a school in Tripoli, where women ululated and pupils chanted anti-western slogans.

Colonel Gaddafi was last seen on television on April 4. He looked confident and relaxed in his latest appearance.

At the same time, a Red Cross ship arrived with medical supplies in Misrata.

The Red Cross said it was carrying enough supplies to treat 300 patients there.

The United Nations also said a World Food Programme ship arrived late on Thursday at Misrata with 600 tonnes of foodstuffs.