28 Nov 2010

Rebel procession attacked in northern Yemen

8:52 am on 28 November 2010

A suicide attack on a rebel procession in northern Yemen has killed at least two people and wounded 10 others.

Reports say the bomber drove his car into a convoy, which was on its way to attend the funeral of a Shia Houthi spiritual leader, Bader al-Deen Houthi.

The BBC reports the attack took place on the route from Saada to Dahyan in the province of Maarib. It was the second attack of its kind in less than three days.

On Wednesday, a car bombing of a Shia religious procession killed 15 and injured 30 people in northern al-Jawf province.

The government and Houthi rebels, members of the Zaidi Shia sect, are currently observing a truce, after intermittent fighting over the past six years.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees says more than 300,000 people have fled Saada province.