4 Oct 2010

NATO convoy attacked in Pakistan

1:50 pm on 4 October 2010

Tankers being filled with fuel bound for NATO troops in Afghanistan have been set in fire in an attack by suspected militants.

Hospital officials said that at least six people were killed and nearly a dozen injured in the attack early on Monday morning.

The attackers stormed a depot close to Pakistan's capital Islamabad, setting fire to 27 tankers.

A senior Islamabad police official told local TV that between 10 and 12 men armed with automatic weapons opened fire on the tankers, many of which ignited on the impact of the bullets.

This is the latest in a series of attacks on convoys travelling by land through Pakistan to supply Nato forces in Afghanistan, the BBC reports.

On Friday, at least 27 lorries carrying supplies for Nato troops were set on fire in the southern Sindh province.

The Taliban in Pakistan have claimed responsibility for the attack.

NATO convoys have had difficulty entering Afghanistan since Pakistani authorities closed one of the main routes after three of their soldiers were killed in a NATO helicopter strike on the border.