7 Jun 2010

Man gives away children to cancel debt

10:25 pm on 7 June 2010

A Mexican man has been charged with giving his children away to cancel a 25,000 peso ($US1900) debt and then pretending they had been kidnapped.

Prosecutors in Mexico City say the man confessed to the crimes after police confronted him with video evidence that proved his story was false, the BBC reports.

Javier Covarrubias, 20, confessed to the alleged crimes after detectives confronted him with evidence that his story was false, prosecutors say.

The two children, Isis and Darien, are still missing.

Mr Covarrubias initially claimed they were snatched in a violent street attack in Tepito in Mexico City on 18 May.

But police say CCTV footage showed he was not in the area in the time, and forensic examination found his wounds were self-inflicted.

When confronted with the evidence, police say Mr Covarrubias confessed to giving away his children to a woman in Mexico City to cancel his debts.

They say he admitted making up the kidnap story so his wife would not find out the truth.