28 Aug 2015

Bolt from the blue: Segway floors Usain

9:43 am on 28 August 2015

It's not the person you would have expected to catch Usain Bolt, but the finish was spectacular.

Bolt, 29, fresh from running the fastest 200m time of the year to win a record fourth straight world 200 metres title in 19.55 seconds, was saluting the crowd when things turned ugly.

And it wasn't that comedy villain Justin Gatlin looming in the background… it really was a case, drum roll please, of a bad segway .

A TV cameraman, riding a segway, was so focused on capturing the strutting Bolt that he forgot about an inside rail, hit it and slammed into the sprinter.

Bolt hobbled up, stroking his multi-million dollar legs, while the cameraman lay prone trying to wave his apologies.

According to reports the star didn't suffer an injury other, than, perhaps, to his pride.