6 Feb 2014

More flooding in England

9:45 am on 6 February 2014

After weeks of bad weather, another storm has hit parts of England.

Winds of nearly 150km per hour have been recorded, along with heavy rain and unusually high tides.

A section of the sea wall in Dawlish, Devon, collapsed and left a railway to Cornwall suspended in mid-air.

More residents of homes on the Somerset Levels were evacuated.

The BBC reports police used a helicopter to advise the occupants of more than 150 properties in Fordgate and Northmoor to leave their homes.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced an extra £100 million for flood works.

At Prime Minister's Questions he pledged £75 million for repairs over the next year, £10 million for urgent work in Somerset - where several rivers have flooded - and £15 million for maintenance.