4 Oct 2013

Proposed French law to protect bookshops from online competition

10:16 pm on 4 October 2013

The French parliament has approved a bill designed to protect bookshops from competition from online retailers.

Amazon and others will no longer be able to offer multiple discounts.

France has more than 3000 independent local bookshops.

The BBC reports they're stores that take pride in offering their customers books they may not find elsewhere, but that they owe that independence to the state.

Since 1981 a law has been in place giving booksellers to fix prices for French language books.

It's designed to protect small booksellers from the cut price deals of supermarkets and online retailers.

But stores are allowed to apply a rebate of up to 5% and Amazon has been combining that rebate with the offer of free delivery.

Now a bill written by the right wing opposition but approved unanimously across parties looks set to an end to the practice of combining the two offers.