26 Aug 2013

Abbott accuses Labor of dishonesty

7:28 am on 26 August 2013

Australia's Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott has accused his Labor Party opponents of dishonesty and says voters can no longer trust them.

At the formal launch in Brisbane on Sunday of the Liberal-National Coalition's election campaign, Mr Abbott said voters have to ask who would they trust to get the public finances back into shape.

He said it was a choice between the Coalition, which left $50 billion in the bank last time it was in government, or Labor, which has run deficit after deficit.

Mr Abbott said Labor is running a dishonest campaign and the election is all about trust.

He said a Coalition government would cut taxes, get the public finances under control, boost the economy and stop asylum seekers from getting to Australia by boat.

Also at the launch, Queensland premier Campbell Newman said voters have had enough of the duplicity and fear-mongering of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

He says voters want a government that will be focussed on growth and on delivering better services for Australians.

The election is on 7 September.