21 Oct 2012

No clear winner apparent in ACT election

6:30 am on 21 October 2012

With more than 70% of the vote counted in Canberra, no clear winner is apparent in an election in ACT.

At 10.50pm (AEST) on Saturday, Labor had 39.1% of the overall vote, to the Liberals 38% and the Greens had 11% down 4.6%

Liberal leader Zed Seselja said ACT voters had rejected a Labor-Greens alliance, but he stopped short of claiming victory.

AAP reports the Liberals are on track to take eight seats to Labor's seven. The Greens will drop from four seats to two.

There will be days of negotiation with the Greens before a new minority government can be formed in the territory.

Nine seats are required to form a majority government.

The ABC reports than 20% of the votes were cast before polling day.