13 Oct 2012

Games ticket fraudster jailed

8:58 am on 13 October 2012

A man who sold non-existent tickets to the London Olympics for more than 450,000 euros has been sentenced to prison.

Christakis Ioannou, 44, was on Friday sentenced to prison for four years after pleading guilty to participating in a fraudulent business and possessing and concealing criminal property.

Police said Ioannou was the "biggest" ticket fraudster identified during the Games.

Kingston Crown Court heard that he set up two fake websites based in Portugal a year before the Games, offering unlimited numbers of tickets for all events.

AAP reports that the sites took more than 450,000 euros for non-existent tickets from buyers in 20 countries in five weeks.

Police said the parents of Olympians from Greece and France were among the buyers.

Ioannou was arrested at a London airport in September where he arrived with 17,500 euro hidden in his shoes.