28 Aug 2012

Riot after cleric killed in Kenya

8:54 am on 28 August 2012

Rioting broke out in Kenya on Monday after an Islamic cleric accused of supporting al-Shabab in Somalia was shot dead.

Aboud Rogo Mohammed and his wife were driving through Mombasa when a vehicle pulled up alongside and unknown gunmen opened fire. He died on the way to hospital.

At least 15 holes were counted on the driver's side of the car where he was seated.

One person was killed and several injured in the riots that followed.

The highway from Mombasa to Malindi was closed by protesters burning tyres until they were dispersed by police who fired tear gas.

The BBC reports Rogo was on US and UN sanction lists. According to a UN report, he helped al-Shabab obtain funding and new recruits.

Rogo was arrested in January after police said they found an AK 47 rifle, 133 rounds of ammunitions, two hand grenades, and two pistols in his house.

He was charged with planning acts of terrorism and released on bail during his trial which was still progressing when he was killed.

In 2003, he and three others were accused of involvement in the bombing of a hotel by a suicide bomber in November 2002, but was acquitted two years later.