17 Apr 2015

Bring the ruckus: Record Store Day

2:14 pm on 17 April 2015

Warning: This video contains coarse language

Michael ‘Ruckus’ Wilson is a producer and DJ who started out DJing vinyl in clubs well before Serato and other digital apps changed the way DJs worked at events. 

“There’s something great about listening to a story on a record, it’s sort of like a throwback to listening to the radio or something just for entertainment value,” he says.

This Saturday, Michael and many other collectors like him will be taking part in Record Store Day. Founded in 2007, it’s a celebration of vinyl and the culture of independently owned record stores around the world.

Shops in Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth, Christchurch and Dunedin are all taking part in the festivities, with many hosting live performances in store and stocking special vinyl releases that are exclusively released on the day.

There’s been a resurgence in record sales recently, leading to the recent news that in Britain vinyl would have its own separate chart. Figures show that records are set to grow by another 70 percent this year.

“It’s cool again to have vinyl,” Michael tells us.

Video shot by Aleyna Martinez.

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