21 Dec 2011

Motiti island still off limits for kaimoana

7:03 pm on 21 December 2011

Two and a half months after the container ship the Rena grounded on Astrolabe reef off Tauranga, the dozen families living on Motiti island, which is the closest settlement to the ship, continue to feel frustrated.

A kaitiaki or guardian on the island John Nuku, says kaimoana which form an important part of the diet, is still off limits.

He says families on the island always look forward to having some crayfish on Christmas day, but not this year.

Mr Nuku says they're still waiting to hear from a scientist as to the quality of the water near Motiti.

He says apart from not having seafood on the menu, life is pretty much back to normal for families on Motiti.

Mr Nuku says most of the rubbish from the Rena which caused a mess around the foreshore of the island, has been cleaned up.

A container recovery team went to the island on Tuesday and removed five skips of debris from the beaches.