16 Sep 2011

Supreme Court ruling vindicates Tuhoe outrage - Flavell

7:45 pm on 16 September 2011

Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell says a Supreme Court ruling vindicates the anger and disbelief felt by Tuhoe over the 2007 police raids.

It's been revealed that charges against 13 people were dropped because police used illegal methods to gather evidence.

Chief Justice Sian Elias has found police trespassed on Tuhoe land, carried out unreasonable searches and seizures, and knew they were breaching human rights.

Te Ururoa Flavell says Tuhoe and the Maori Party have been saying that for four years. He says it is time the Minister of Police explained how and why police acted as they did.

The Waiariki MP says charges against the remaining Urewera four, including Tame Iti, should also be dropped, given the illegal police tactics, and the hurt caused by the raids.

Mr Flavell says the so-called terror raids have damaged the relationship between the police and Tuhoe, and the police and Maori in general.