12 Sep 2013

Maori TV chair has more questions to answer - MP

6:56 am on 12 September 2013

The politician who led the charge against Maori Television's controversial recruitment process of a chief executive is still demanding an investigation into the broadcaster's board.

Labour Party MP Clare Curran says board chair Georgina Te Heuheu has more questions to answer.

On Tuesday, the channel scrapped its plan to appoint a new leader, after accusations linking Ms Te Heuheu with a contender for the chief executive job were made in Parliament.

But Ms Curran says the resignation of board member Ian Taylor signals the work of the board needs examining.

She says his decision to step down reinforces the need for the shareholding minister, Bill English, to step in and investigate, possibly assisted by Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples.

Ms Curran says there appears to have been a flawed recruitment process at the top of the state entity.

However, Ms Te Heuheu maintains a rigorous recruitment process has been followed and there is no conflict of interest, and Prime Minister John Key says the hiring of a chief executive is a matter for the board.