11 Jul 2013

Rotorua council hasn't started iwi consultation audit

7:09 pm on 11 July 2013

The Rotorua District Council hasn't launched a self-imposed iwi consultation audit - after it was found to have misled two tribes.

In May, the Environment Court awarded more than $100,000 in legal costs to Ngati Makino and Ngati Pikiao.

The court's decision was critical of the council's consultation process for plans to build a wastewater treatment plant at Lake Rotoma.

And prompted the Rotorua council to order a comprehensive internal audit to be led by Mauriora Kingi and a person independent of the council.

Mr Kingi says the audit hasn't started because it's still searching for an independent adviser.

He says he's not sure how long the audit will take.

However, he says the aim is to conduct a thorough review, and in order to do that, he says the council needs to select a suitable independent advisor.

Although the audit hasn't started, Mauriora Kingi, says the council has begun talks with members of Ngati Pikiao and Ngati Makino.