2 Apr 2013

Tuhoe member should stand as MP - kuia

8:52 am on 2 April 2013

A kuia affiliated to Ngai Tuhoe suggests a member of the tribe should stand for Parliament.

Harata Williams - who lives in Auckland - raised the idea in passing while discussing the electoral roll options for Maori.

Ms Williams considers Tuhoe leader Tamati Kruger would be a good candidate.

"He tangata maia ki te whakarongo ki te kōrero, he tangata kare e rere noa te kōrero. He matua whakaarohia ia i mua i te whakaputa i ōna whakaaro", she said. (He listens to what's being said and considers how to respond rather than making rash comments.)

Mr Kruger said he has never given the idea any thought but he thinks having an iwi representative would lift Maori enrolment numbers.

The Electoral Commission launched a campaign on 25 March asking tangata whenua to decide whether they want to be on the general electoral roll or the Maori roll for voting.

Ms Williams vows to remain on the Maori roll and vote for a Tamaki ward representative. However, she would like to see a Tuhoe descendant in Parliament.