4 Oct 2010

Women's hoops facing big changes

11:33 pm on 4 October 2010

Basketball's governing body FIBA is considering lowering the rims and introducing more revealing uniforms for women players.

FIBA's responded to criticism that women's basketball need the explosive slam-dunk scoring seen in the men's game by saying it may lower the current three metre ring by 10 to 15 centimetres.

Uniforms are being discussed, too, with FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann saying they're not talking about going to beach volleyball but about more comfortable, feminine attire.

Bauman says they're great athletes, but also beautiful athletes and there's no reason not to show it.

Australia pioneered the first change from singlet and shorts with a bodysuit, they scrapped last year and this year Belarus competed in a one-piece dress resembling a netball uniform.