23 Nov 2018

Superstition keeps Scott McLaughlin away from Supercars trophy

12:14 pm on 23 November 2018

The New Zealand driver Scott McLaughlin says he hasn't touched the Supercars Cup and he doesn't intend to until he wins it.

Scott McLaughlin

Scott McLaughlin Photo: Photosport

McLaughlin goes into this weekend's final round in Newcastle with a slender 14 point lead over fellow New Zealander Shane van Gisbergen.

The 25 year old Ford Trophy was involved in photoshoots with the trophy this week, but he made sure he made no contact with the silverware.

"No I don't touch any of the trophies I haven't won, so it's just a superstition... Richie McCaw use to do it with the Rugby World Cup, so until you've won it he touched it after that, so yeh he went pretty well after that."

McLaughlin says he hasn't watched the disastrous end to his 2017 season, but believes he'll be better because of it this weekend.

McLaughlin entered the final race last year with a 78 point lead and within reach of his maiden title, however he was handed three penalties, including one on the final lap to hand the title to Jamie Whincup.

The 25 year old Ford driver is in a similar position this weekend.

Shane van Gisbergen and Scott McLaughlin.

Photo: Supercars

McLaughlin's pre-race preperation hasn't included a full viewing of last year's finale.

"I don't need to watch it, I know what happened and it's just one of those things and I've got on with it."

"I've looked a lot of in car footage from the Sunday race because I made a lot of passes there and that's definetly something to learn from there because the car was strong, but the race itself, no I haven't watched it."

Asked what he'd taken out of last year's defeat, McLaughlin said: "Just never give up. I was proud of how we just kept coming back through and were there right to the end.

"We were champion there for a little bit and then had that little drama, but just never give up and press on.

"I'm proud of everyone from that whole day. They got going, put us on the right strategy to get us back to the front, but unfortunately it wasn't enough."