24 Sep 2013

Booing getting under Vettel's skin

11:58 am on 24 September 2013

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has lashed out at the fans who continue to boo Formula One championship leader Sebastian Vettel, saying they're hurting the young German's feelings.

Vettel, who has suffered repeated ill-treatment from fans this year, was again subjected to loud chants and heckles after winning Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix.

The 26-year-old star did his best to shrug off the jeers, but Horner says the booing, blamed on a particular group of fans, might be getting under his skin.

The Red Bull boss says Vettel's Singapore victory was one of the best drives he has produced in terms of raw pace, for which he deserved a better reception.

Booing erupted after Vettel's wins in Belgium and Italy, and surprisingly at the less partisan circuit of Singapore, as Vettel moved closer to a fourth straight world title.

The opprobrium has been put down to plain boredom from fans, as the German has won more than half the races this season and already has one hand on the championship trophy.

On Sunday night, he led from pole position to the chequered flag in an astounding, if not a terribly viewer-friendly demonstration of uncatchable front-running.