30 Apr 2009

Daly back in the game, again

7:27 am on 30 April 2009

Twice major golf winner John Daly's latest bid to resurrect his career is for his benefit and not to prove his detractors wrong.

43-year-old Daly is rehabilitating by losing weight and trying to give up a diet and lifestyle that saw him balloon to nearly 128 kilos less than three months ago.

A surgical implant to prevent him binge eating has enabled him to slim down to 99 kilos, around the weight he was when he won the 1991 US PGA Championship and 1995 British Open.

Daly is in Europe for a series of tournaments starting in Spain this weekend and he doesn't believe this is his last chance.

Daly's US tour ban came after he was accused of being found drunk and incapable outside a bar, the last of a litany of indiscretions, including playing without a shirt and hitting balls off a beer-bottle top in pro-ams.