24 Mar 2009

Bulls back Symonds

11:07 am on 24 March 2009

The Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds has been defended by his Queensland captain and Cricket Australia counsellor after his drinking habits were again brought into question.

Symonds, his girlfriend Katie Johnson and other Queensland players and their partners were asked to leave a bar on Sunday night after the controversial all-rounder was reportedly boisterous.

A Brisbane afternoon newspaper says Symonds accidentally broke a glass, was stumbling and also called out loudly to his friends before the group was shown the door and departed without problem.

But Bulls captain Chris Simpson vehemently denies Symonds damaged any property and insisted the group was responsible and well-behaved.

And the counsellor says it shows Symonds is managing alochol well.

The incident comes as Symonds continues to undergo alcohol management and two months after a 'last chance' warning from Cricket Australia.