20 Mar 2009

Ferrari boss anti F1 rule changes

11:18 am on 20 March 2009

The Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has branded Formula One's new scoring system as "absurd" and "dangerous" ahead of next weekend's season opener in Australia.

The FIA has made a number of sweeping changes this season including guaranteeing the winner of the most races the title, rather than deciding the championship on a straight points basis.

The ferrari boss says it is absurd that one week for the season they situation which is very negative for their credibility, the teams, the constructors, the supporters, the journalists and the sponsors.

He says it's important to create a more serene climate and to avoid continuously changing the rules, things that provoke trouble and worries for those doing the work.

If the new scoring system had been in place last season Ferrari's Felipe Massa would have been crowned world champion instead of McLaren's Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton and former seven-time world champion Michael Shumacher have both spoken out against the changes to the points system.