28 Dec 2011

December could be record month for Fonterra

7:57 am on 28 December 2011

Fonterra says December is shaping up to be a record month for exports.

Figures won't be finalised until January but the company says milk collection is 10% higher than last year.

Operations director Gary Romano says the previous record for exports was set in March at nearly 230,000 tonnes for the month.

He says Fonterra is on track to export 240,000 tonnes this month.

Mr Romano says good weather conditions have kept the milk flowing, with cows producing about 65 million litres daily since the October peak, when a record 81 million litres was collected on one day.

Fonterra is creaming it in other sales too.

Some 15% of its annual cream sales happen during December, along with a quarter of its annual custard sales and 10% of its specialty cheese sales.

And work won't stop on Christmas Day, with 10,500 dairy farmers in the cow shed, 850 drivers on the road, 1800 manufacturing staff on-site and 200 supply chain staff packing export containers.