14 Nov 2011

Permaculture community gets go-ahead

8:25 pm on 14 November 2011

A new settlement is being established near Auckland for a community of people interested in living sustainably using the principles of permaculture.

Turanga farm has secured resource consent for 15 houses plus a community house on 60-hectares of land in Whitford, about 40 minutes drive from Auckland.

To date, half the quarter-acre plots have been bought under freehold title and included in that purchase is a one-fifteenth share in the farm.

One of the co-ordinators of the project, Amyria Taylor, says the community aims to be fully self-sufficient, with its own sheep and dairy cattle, gardens and orchards.

She says the community will also have a waste-water system in line with permaculture philosophy, which holds there is no such thing as waste.

Ms Taylor says the Turanga Farm will not be a closed community and some of its residents will probably commute to Auckland to work.

She says the aim is also to have businesses sited in the community, which will be connected to the internet.

Turanga Farm is also offering courses, with a two-week course on permaculture design beginning on Monday 14 November.