21 Feb 2011

Farmers not fazed by UK red-meat caution

8:30 am on 21 February 2011

The meat industry says strong demand for New Zealand lamb is likely to protect farmers from the British Government's efforts to reduce red-meat consumption.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that British consumers will be told to eat no more than 500 grams of red or processed meat (the daily equivalent of three rashers of bacon) each week.

The newspaper says the recommendation will follow a Scientific Advisory Committee report due out this week.

New Zealand farmers and exporters aren't fazed by the report, saying worldwide demand for meat is outstripping supply.

The Meat Industry Assocation says it is important to distinguish between processed meat and lean red meat, which is an excellent source of protein.

And Federated Farmers spokesperson Bruce Wills says that while Britain is the country's single biggest market for lamb, accounting for a quarter of all lamb exports, other markets are emerging.