1 Feb 2011

Lamb shearing record bid cancelled

7:02 am on 1 February 2011

A challenge to the world eight-hour lamb shearing record set earlier this month by world champion Cam Ferguson has been called off.

The New Zealand-based Irish shearer Ivan Scott, who previously held the record, was to have made the attempt on Thursday, but organisers say they weren't able to find enough suitable lambs at this stage of the season.

New Zealand shearers have broken three world records in the past two months.

As well as Cam Ferguson's record, King Country shearer Stacey Te Huia broke the eight-hour ewe shearing record just before Christmas, and brothers Doug and Rowland Smith from the Far North set a new two-stand ewe record this month.

World Sheep Shearing Records Society secretary Hugh McCarroll, of Tauranga, doesn't expect any further bids in New Zealand this season.