11 Jun 2009

ERMA asked to approve new pest control poison

1:09 pm on 11 June 2009

A Canterbury company has applied for the right to produce a new pest control poison as an alternative to 1080.

Opponents of 1080, which is the main poison used in possum control, object to the danger it poses to other wildlife and dogs.

Pest-Tech Limited has applied to the Environmental Risk Management Authority for the right to produce a paste of zinc phosphide enclosed in tiny capsules.

The capsules would be buried in a bait substance to make it attractive to pest animals.

Use of the new poison would be limited to ground-based bait stations.

One of the new product's main developers is Charles Eason, who is a Professor at Lincoln University and director of pest control company Connovation.

He says once experience with using zinc phosphide safely is built up, it might be possible to use it in aerial drops.