29 Aug 2011

ACT reveals party list - but not number three

5:58 am on 29 August 2011

The ACT party has released its party list for the general election, except for the number three spot, which it is keeping under wraps.

The party's leader, Don Brash, is in the number one spot and deputy leader John Boscawen is second on the list.

The party says the person who will be filling the number three spot has to sort out some personal or business matters before their name can be revealed.

Dr Brash did say that the person is not a current Member of Parliament.

One current ACT MP, Hilary Calvert, has been left off the list because Dr Brash says the party is looking to the future.

New to the list is a former Federated Farmers' president Don Nicolson, who takes the number four position, followed by Epsom candidate and former Auckland City Mayor John Banks at number five.

ACT Party list

    1 Dr Don Brash

    2 Hon John Boscawen

    4 Don Nicolson

    5 Hon John Banks

    6 David Seymour

    7 Chris Simmons

    8 Stephen Whittington

    9 Kath McCabe

    10 Robyn Stent

    11 John Thompson

    12 John Ormond

    13 Lyn Murphy

    14 Kevin Moratti

    15 Robin Grieve

    16 Pratima Nand

    17 Dominic Costello

    18 Toni Severen

    19 Richard Evans

    20 Ian Cummings

    21 Gareth Veale

    22 Toby Hutton

    23 Dan Stratton

    24 Robert Burnside

    25 Hayden Fitzgerald

    26 Alex Spiers

    27 Peter McCaffrey