13 Oct 2010

English supports review of retail deposit scheme

9:00 am on 13 October 2010

The Finance Minister says an audit of the Retail Deposit Guarantee scheme is timely in view of the payout to South Canterbury Finance depositors.

The government scheme, which ended on Monday, paid out nearly $1.9 billion to investors in September.

In a letter to Bill English, the Auditor-General says the audit will cover the original, revised and extended scheme, which runs until the end of 2011, including an investigation into how it was managed by the Treasury.

The Treasury is expected to publish a large number of documents related to South Canterbury's membership of the scheme and events leading up to the receivership of the failed finance company later this week.

Mr English says Auditor-General Lyn Provost's report will provide a lot of information for the public, as well as commentators.

However, he says the Auditor-General's Office specifically ruled out looking at why it the scheme was introduced, as those reasons have been pretty well canvassed.