23 Sep 2023

National announces new parent visa category

10:46 am on 23 September 2023
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National Party immigration spokesperson Erica Stanford. Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

The National Party says it will introduce a new visa category making it easier for parents and grandparents of migrants to visit their family.

National's immigration spokesperson Erica Stanford said under the current settings they have limited options for visiting their children or grandchildren.

"I've heard of numerous examples of skilled people who were working in New Zealand but decided to leave due to current settings.

"Under Labour, visa processing times have blown out, migrant exploitation has exploded and they took far too long getting nurses in the country when we desperately needed them," she said.

The multiple entry Parent Visa Boost would be valid for five years, and could be renewed for a further five years.

Those on the visa would need to be sponsored by their children or grandchildren, and would not be eligible for NZ superannuation or other entitlements.

They would also be required to have health insurance during their stay and would need to pass standard Immigration New Zealand health and other requirements to receive their visa.

Erica Stanford said allowing migrants to live with their parents or grandparents will help them better integrate into New Zealand, helping with childcare, offering stability and emotional support.

"New Zealand needs to attract and retain skilled people, but other countries have more pro-parent visa options, making them more attractive options.

"National will get our immigration settings right - if we want to attract and retain skilled migrants, we need sensible solutions that make New Zealand more attractive without costing taxpayers."

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