19 Jul 2014

NZ First confident of growing support

5:34 pm on 19 July 2014

New Zealand First goes into its election-year conference this weekend confident of growing its support, despite flagging in the polls.

The party had been consistently polling at about five percent but this month slumped to as low as 3.5 percent.

Leader Winston Peters said political polls have never been favourable towards New Zealand First, and it was on track to win more of the vote.

Mr Peters reiterated he would not be making deals with any other parties, or stating a preferred coalition partner, before the election in two months' time.

Policy announcements at the conference are expected to target the economy. Mr Peters said fixing the economy would lift every other sector in New Zealand.

He said the party would spell out how it intended to run a sounder, more profitable economy and what it would do with the spoils of that.

He said there were serious flaws in the economy, and that was hurting people's incomes and health.

Mr Peters said the party was still in the process of choosing its candidates and sorting out list rankings for September's election.