26 Aug 2013

Dunne says Govt open to his superannuation plan

11:12 pm on 26 August 2013

United Future says the Government has shifted its position and is now more open to letting people take superannuation earlier, at a reduced rate.

Party leader Peter Dunne has released a discussion paper on the Flexi Super plan as part of his confidence-and-supply agreement with the National Party.

Mr Dunne says the plan would give New Zealanders the choice of taking a reduced rate of superannuation from the age of 60, or a higher rate if they delay it until after 65.

He says the plan gives people more choice, flexibility and dignity as to when they retire, and will most benefit Maori, Pasifika, and other demographic groups with shorter life spans.

Mr Dunne says public submissions will close in October.

The Government say it is committed to maintaining the existing criteria but is testing the public's appetite for the plan.