28 Nov 2012

PM attacks Labour's performance over housing

7:03 pm on 28 November 2012

The Prime Minister has accused the Labour Party of doing nothing to improve the quality of housing when it last led the government.

John Key has told Parliament that Labour leader David Shearer should be ashamed to raise questions about the quality of New Zealand's rental housing.

At Labout's annual conference earlier in November, Mr Shearer announced a policy requiring private landlords to ensure that their accommodation was insulated and warm.

During Question Time on Wednesday, he asked John Key about the Government's record on ensuring that private rental accommodation was insulated.

Mr Key had a ready response, saying the Government had already insulated 188,500 homes, while under Labour only 4000 had been insulated.

Mr Shearer said 95% of private rental accommodation had still not been insulated, but Mr Key said the

the Government is not ignoring these people.