7 Jun 2012

Govt accused of rushing privatisation

8:50 pm on 7 June 2012

Labour Party MPs say submitters appearing before a select committee considering legislation paving the way for partial asset sales have been treated with contempt by Government MPs.

Finance and Expenditure Select Committee members have signed off on their report on the Mixed-Ownership Model Bill, which will now head back to Parliament in mid-June.

The bill paves the way for the partial sale of four state energy companies and Air New Zealand.

Labour's state-owned enterprises spokesperson, Clayton Cosgrove, says the Government wants to ram the bill through as fast as it can, because it thinks the public has a short memory.

But the MP heading the select committee does not accept accusations the process has been rushed.

Chair of the committee, National's Todd McClay, says the committee has taken its responsibilities seriously.

The select committee was originally due to report the bill back by 16 July.

But Mr McClay says the committee has spent plenty of time considering the bill.