22 Apr 2014

Fiji political parties decry Wellington's regime election support

4:04 am on 22 April 2014

The president of the Fiji Labour Party says political parties have been abandoned by New Zealand and Australia which pursue an election at any cost.

Both Wellington and Canberra have said they are satisfied with the Fiji regime's progress towards elections and will provide support for re-establishing democracy in Fiji.

But Lavinia Padarath says there are serious concerns about the election process, such as certain provisions in the electoral decree and the appointment of the election supervisor, Mohammed Saneem.

Ms Padarath says New Zealand and Australia are getting behind a flawed process without any regard as to whether it's free and fair.

"We are surprised and disappointed that, particularly New Zealand and Australia, are pushing to have this election and with the assistance offered, and we just feel like these countries haven't learned their lesson from the Ghai constitution, how they did all the work and then it just didn't suit them."

Lavinia Padarath says party discussions with New Zealand and Australia's High Commissions appear to have fallen on deaf ears.