26 Jan 2012

Norwegian explorer warned off second Antartic trip

10:27 pm on 26 January 2012

A Norwegian explorer heading for the Ross Sea has told a newspaper in Norway he is trying to find out what happened to three of his friends who died on a similar expedition last year.

Jarle Andhoy, 34, is believed to have left for Antarctica on Monday aboard the yacht Nilaya, after being served with deportation papers by New Zealand authorities.

Last February the boat Berserk took Mr Andhoy and another Norwegian, Samuel Massie, 18, to the Antarctic.

But while the pair were attempting to reach the South Pole on quad bikes the Berserk disappeared in McMurdo Sound, along with the three men on board.

It prompted an extensive search, involving New Zealand, but only a lifeboat was found.

Mr Andhoy and Mr Massie had to make a 20-hour dash to Scott Base to catch the last flight out for the summer. They reached Christchurch on 28 February.

Before he left Norway this time, Mr Andhoy told Joyce Christine ax Holt from Vestfold Blad he still has a lot of questions about what happened.

Immigration New Zealand and New Zealand Customs confirmed on Thursday they were warned of the proposed voyage by Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Immigration says alerts were then placed on its border management systems and Mr Andhoy was warned not to depart for the Ross Sea.

Antarctic Treaty partners, including New Zealand, were also told of his plans, at a conference last July.

The group was told members were to inform relevant authorities about the expedition.